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    Advanced Essential Materials Sustainable Solutions
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    Advanced Essential Materials Sustainable Solutions
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    aixACCT systems & Poly K
    Piezo & Ferroelectric Measurement Systems
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    UHV Design
    Ultra High Vacuum Components

About Quintess

We provide electrodes, chemical coating solutions, nano-powders and pastes,
polymer films, foundry processing services, and technology consulting for
ferroelectric, piezoelectric devices, semiconductor films, high-k capacitors,
energy harvesting and storage devices, sensors, MEMS and other functional devices

Business Filed

Manufacturing in QUINTESS Co., Ltd.

- Manufacturing advanced core materials for semiconductor, electronic devices and components,
energy related devices, mobile smart devices, MEMS and NEMS through our innovative technologies

Technology transfer, Consulting and Marketing

- Cooperation in product manufacturing : For some of specific advanced materials and devices → Strategic alliance with manufacturing companies outside through the technology transfer → marketing and sales of co-developed products in worldwide

- Global marketing of prospective industrialized products : Finding prospective companies and global partnership → Sales and marketing of promising companies’ products (including technology consulting)



- Industry : Electronic Component and Device Manufacturer

- Research Center : National Lab. and Company Precedence Research Center

- Academia : School of Engineering and Science (Materials, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Advanced Materials and Small Scale Smart Devices)